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The Grudge Game

This flash scary haunted house game is based on the Japanese thriller by Takashi Shimizu. Its not a very long game but there are some genuinely scary moments as you may have worked out from the name of the game, The Grudge. The aim of the game is to find out why you are alone in this evil house and to see whether you can escape alive. As ever, we'll give you a heads up on how to play. First of all go to the paper rack on the wall where you'll find a picture of a small boy. Next find the two batteries for the remote control one of which is behind the phone, the other is hidden near the ceiling and can take a while to find. After that you're on your own but the grid on the right of the game will give you some idea of the number of objects you have to find in the haunted house and some only become available as you move towards the solution.



Scary Haunted House Game


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