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Okay this probably isn't the world's scariest game ever, but, if like us, you find being chased by unrelenting monsters scary, you'll probably enjoy Hell Hall. In the game you are trapped in a hall being chased by a monster and you have to get away from him, but he will get you at some point. Use your arrow keys to run down the hall, and avoid all obstacles that are going to slow you down. Each time you hit something the monster will get closer and after hitting three obstacles those blood stained hands are going to catch you.

You can pretty much guess what happens next. If you don't find this the scariest game ever, which you won't, why not check out and play some of our other scary games?



Scariest Game


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Scariest Game

Scariest Game: Play free the scariest game ever online, Hell Hall. Well only the scariest flash game if you hate being chased by monsters

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